Traffic Monitoring

Omnibond’s TrafficVision™ TMC provides incident and anomaly detection combined with real-time data collection to make traffic monitoring better.

Incident & Anomaly

Real-Time Anomoly and Incident detection reduces response time and in-turn reduces secondary incidents and heplping save lives.

With a system-wide view of traffic flow and provide an understanding of slowdowns, incidents, and anomalies on the roadways.

Increase roadway safety with real-time incident and anomaly detection of:
Slowed Traffic
Stopped Vehicles
Roadway Debris
Low Visibility
Wrong-Way Drivers

Images of the detection are captures for visual verification.

Video clips leading up to and following the incident can be optionally created for review with a configurable retention timeframe to meet compliance requirements.

Real-time Data

Roadway data is key to understanding the flow, potential for incidents, tollway count validation, and where to spend funding for improvements.

The ability to use existing or newly added cameras from nearly any vendor to provide these capabilities can change the data frequency from annual to continuous while feeding into a system-wide view.

Capture data elements including:
Speeds per Lane
Speeds per Direction
Vehicle Counts per Lane
Vehicle Counts per Direction
Lane Occupancy
Lane Density
Congestion Index
Vehicle Trajectories in the Scene
Four levels of Classification:
Tractor Trailer


TrafficVision TMC can provide wrong-way detection where it matters, as vehicles enter the highway through off-ramp.

Detecting wrong-ways at agencies are generally handled in a couple of ways:

The first is to monitor off-ramps for wrong-way driver data and where the detections are made engineers change designs to improve signage and other visual cues to help drivers self correct.

The second is to use an edge processing device for TrafficVision that can be connected to digital signage and warning lights to notify the drivers of their situation.

Given a good camera view of the off-ramp, other data and incident detection can be provided for that section of the road.

A valuable feature of TrafficVision is that any feature can be used on any camera view that will support it.

TrafficVision™TMC capabilities

Wrong Way

Daytime wrong-way detection on the highway.


Gravel debris in the roadway detection.


Pedestrian detection in dangerous locations.


Roadway congestion detection.

Low Visibility

Detection of low Visibility due to fog or smoke.

Stopped in Snow

Stopped vehicle in snowy weather.


Thermal Camera Operation.

10 Lanes

Detection across 10 lanes.


Auto-Recalibration after PTZ movement


Operation in the rain.

Tire Debris

Tire tread debris detection.

Nightime Wrong-Way

Wrong-way detection at night

Expanding the forefront of AI for safety!